15 March 2011

"I want to be completely open about myself and my life..."

Coronation Street, then. At the moment Dennis Waterman's ex-wife is grilling Wendy Craig's screen son about a phantom woman while being watched by Leonard Rossiter's fictional secretary and fantasy squeeze.

Elsewhere, a Chinese girl is on the point of deportation back to a country her vocabulary and strong Home Counties accent suggests she has never visited before in her life, and so we're on to the prospect of a convenient marriage to save her.

A girl still in school uniform declares to her ginger boyfriend she wants a baby, and the ginger boyfriend, always held up as a sensible, switched on lad, agrees. His brother-in-law, brutal killer of at least one person and culpable in the demise of two others, stays unmentioned and unmissed in a clinic for the bewildered, which one assumes forms part of a long-term plan to prevent him from being convicted of murder at any point in the near future.

I love Coronation Street and always will. But boy is it struggling after the tram crash.


Callum said...

Equally stupid, I thought, was the notion that while Liz had been away in Spain, nobody had thought to phone or email her to mention that Tracey was back on the scene and had nabbed her granddaughter. Maybe they don't have phones or email in Spain. I don't know.

Tiddsmom said...