10 August 2011

Stand by your man

Don't like that Feminax advert at all. Hate it, actually. And yes, I know I'm hardly target audience for the products but ads are ads, and they appear during any kind of television programme.

What happens in it, if you haven't seen it, is that a butch male voiceover claims that as well as physical pain, there is emotional pain caused by women, and to prove it a desperate man at the end of his tether with his dreadful partner is seen pressing an ejector button on the settee and the woman is flung out of the window to her obvious violent death.

That's just horrible.

It's also not quite true. It's in fact the opposite - the voiceover is a sarcastic woman and it's the man who is the pain, and he is the one ejected out of the window to an obvious violent death.

Suddenly, it seems to be not horrible. It seems to be funny, fair game, acceptable. Let's all show a man being patronised and then killed. Oh, there goes the final rib.

In this world where two sports presenters can have their careers instantly curtailed (understandably) by making a few witless off-air comments about a woman while a bunch of misandric loonies can appear on telly every lunchtime and bang on about how useless men are at everything, this ad is perfectly fine.

It isn't. And it makes my blood boil.


Kolley Kibber said...

It's a particularly stupid ad, and does no favours to either men OR women. Much as it perpetrates the 'men are dumb irritants' line, it also keeps up the 'women are barely-contained psychopaths for at least one week in four'.

Lazy, lazy stuff.

Braintree said...

What is worrying is that it must have got past focus groups? Do people use focus groups anymore?