24 August 2011

This machine may dispense £5 notes

I wanted to blog about cashpoints. I even put it in the Notes bit of my mobile phone - "blog about cashpoints", it says. Now, I know my dad still can't use them, I know Speedbank was the first buzzword surrounding the new holes-in-the-wall of the 1980s, I know receiving your first PIN in the post was tantamount to espionage when you were 15, and I know John Hegley used to use his cashcard as a plectrum when playing his mandolin onstage.

But I've no idea what specifically prompted me to make this note saying "blog about cashpoints". Have you?


Lee Slator said...

Now that is a random topic for a post! I think I need to take a leaf out of your book for topics. I'm struggling for topics and time to write it at the moment. Good intentions that haven't been followed through :-(

Jon Peake said...

My cashpoint limit in the 80s was £25 a week!

office pest said...

The trick was to write a few cheques for things then go and get the limit out quick just before 11pm on Sat or Sun, whichever it was, then draw the limit again when it opened in the morning.

I feel sure cashpoints used to shut down overnight, for data processing I expect. Does anyone remember that?

Callum said...

Cashpoint, is of course, a registered trademark owned by Lloyds Banking Group.

Presumably you meant: "blog about automated transaction machines"?