22 September 2011

Bowl provider

Been working in Preston this week, covering the breakfast show on Lancashire's Magic 999. Good fun.

The radio station, with its sister 97.4 Rock FM (together the two used to be the old Red Rose Radio brands), is based in an old church on the Preston ring road. It's a bizarre place to work but wholly satisfying as well, seeing meetings take place between ancient archways and walking down arcane stone staircases from the offices to reception and the studio area.

Anyway, like all radio stations, it has commemorative framed discs pinned on every wall, proudly proclaiming the station's contribution to an artist's sales. One of them is this, featuring the much maligned (and fairly so) Michael Bolton.

All fine so far, taste issues aside. Then a second photograph reveals the actual context of its display.

Yep, in one of the traps. And it makes me laugh every time I see it.

(Okay, I'll even it up a bit. I liked this one...)


Callum said...

One of the great contradictions about Preston is that its "Ringway" goes through the middle of the city. (It also has a theatre, the Guild Hall, at which I have attended the UK Snooker, a Lightning Seeds concert, and my graduation ceremony, which has no front door).

Matthew Gilbert said...

Red Rose Radio in the 1980s... Allan Beswick cutting off scousers 'Ow doooo', and the most amateurish local ads ever made.
I remember Phil Sayer voicing an ad for one of those Dungeons and Dragons-type fantasy gaming shops, having to say 'I AM DARKNESS'... now coming from Brian Blessed, this might have been vaguely convincing, but Phil Sayer didn't quite cut it.