15 November 2011

The greatest Dane

You can tell we're a nation of animal lovers. Schmeichel's peaceful passing in Coronation Street last night moved me far more than any other soap death. I was in floods.

And yes, I know it's not real, and Schmeichel was played by numerous dogs, and I'm a fool. I don't care.

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eloise said...

I know how you feel. I watch EastEnders and the episode in which Wellard died had me sobbing harder than the death of any of the human characters before or since (and I've loyally watched EE from day 1, having never missed a single, solitary episode). My housebunny's fur was soggy by the end of the half hour. And like you, I knew it wasn't real and that 'Wellard' was happy, healthy and indeed alive off-screen. I'm a fool too. And I couldn't give a stuff.