6 December 2011

The best time of the day meets the best day of his time

Alex, my dear friend and total hero, got married in a gorgeous, ancient East Sussex hotel at the weekend. It was a smashing do, classy and enormous fun, befitting the character of the man. His new wife, Kerry, is of course totally stunning, and it was a privilege to be there.

Alex's speech lasted half an hour and was pure stand-up comedy. Then Clive, one of his two best men who also uses the professional name Bill Shipton (one for 1980s soft porn fans there), gave a speech which reduced grizzled broadcasters and cynics to a hysterical jelly.

Edwina Hayes sang this at the ceremony and there was a lot of "something in my eye" nonsense going an afterwards...

And I got to meet Janice Long ("They told me at Live Aid that if Status Quo's microphones failed, I had to go on and fill") and Neale James ("Matthew Bannister said I had six months to go at Radio 1. I could either flounce out like the others or have six months of great fun, so I had six months of great fun") so all was fantastic, really.

Alex is now totally loved up and can't stop grinning. But we all agreed that upon his return from honeymoon and to the airwaves, he'll be still a cynical old get, and our favourite cynical old get at that. Congratulations to them both.

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Kerry said...

Thank you, Matthew - lovely blog, so touched. Kerry xx