31 May 2012

No unfunny jokes about lavatory paper in the fridge, either

How are you with curry?

For years I wouldn't touch it; spicy food generally has never agreed with me but I always felt like I was missing out. I was an old-fashioned type who decided that I didn't really want to eat food that caused me pain - I know, lightweight that I am - and this ruled out other people's favourite takeaways, restaurants etc because I wouldn't go. And yet every curry dish I saw looked absolutely delicious.

In the last couple of years, however, I've got a taste for it. I'm not exactly shovelling down double helpings of vegetable phal every night, and I'm quite restricted by not liking either lamb or prawns (and that will never change), but I can get to jalfrezi, biryani levels of hotness (is that a word?) and learn to appreciate the spiciness in my throat rather than go demanding glasses of milk* and threatening to sue**. I've had a couple of curry nights with some of the lads I go to football with recently and the food, though I still chose carefully, was fantastic. I now find myself wondering what on earth I've missed.

Takeaway number one of choice is still a pizza, but now I'm far more prone to ordering a curry than a Chinese, especially as the Chinese in our village has gone right down the tubes, with the food now actively removing all the moisture from the mouth the moment you put it in. Give me a chicken dopiaza instead of a chicken chow mein any day, and don't skimp on the bhajis. Blimey, I really mean that too...

*I've never done this.
**I've never done this either.


Mondo said...

If you're at dopiaza level - how about a nudge up to Pathia, slightly lively, but sweet too. Delicious.

My curry of choice is a vindaloo, which I like to tuck away with a strong Belgian beer. The sensitized tongue releases the fuller flavours you only get with Belgian beer (Tripel Karmeliet being my scoop of choice).

To experiment why not try one of the Sunday buffets most curry houses do, this way, for one price (around £8 usually) you can sample a wider range of dishes

C said...

Mmm, my mouth is watering merely at that picture...!
I'm with Mondo on the Pathia - delicious - and another favourite which I think of as quite hot but not tooooo much, with that nice mix of sweet and sour, is a Dansak.
I don't think I know anyone round here these days who doesn't like it... and I'm reminded of a comment from Oz in 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' when he said, "...this is a curry house, you cannae get much more British than that"...