21 May 2012

"You took your time with the call, I took no time with the fall..."

I like the Carly Rae Jepsen single, Call Me Maybe, that is currently riding high in the hit parade and A-listed on all pop stations. The video is on 4Music a lot, and so I tend to catch it whenever I'm at the gym (as it now seems to be against the law to switch channels there).

Anyway, I was at the gym on Friday. It was me pressing a few kilos while a couple of early twentysomething lasses, evidently together judging by their chatter, pounded the two treadmills. On came the video to Call Me Maybe, and if you've seen it, you'll know that the young Canadian singer is directing the song towards a hunky young chap who is doing various outdoor tasks - gardening, car washing, etc - and early on, takes off his shirt to reveal a not untoned torso underneath. Essentially, it's pornography without the sex (a phrase someone once used to describe Eldorado, but I digress); kind of a modern pop take on the premise of the Diet Coke break.

As the young lady onscreen began to lust after this chap following the removal of his shirt, one of these twentysomethings on the treadmill bellowed, very loudly and shamelessly indeed, the words: "In your dreams, bitch."


Why? Not only because, er, she can't hear you through a television set, but, just, well, why? What does that achieve? I was genuinely aghast.

Fortunately, they'd exited the treadmill before the video ended and we got the twist of the semi-naked chap offering his phone number to one of the male musicians playing in the garage. I dread to think what they'd have shouted at the telly if they'd been around for that.

Video here if you want to watch it. It's quite sweet.


C said...

Why, indeed?! I think it's called 'sisterhood' ;-)

Kolley Kibber said...

As far as I can tell, it's because they've usually watched quite a lot of 'Sex and the City', and they think that's how sassy, hip, and sexy women talk to one another.

Even the increasingly desperate scriptwriters on 'The Archers' feel obliged to crowbar in stuff like this when they're writing dialogue between younger women. It's cringeworthy...

Matthew Rudd said...

Ah, so it's an attempt to be sassy through influence of telly, rather than just sheer envy and unpleasantness? That makes it ok then :)

Wonder if The Archers' scriptwriters have made a younger character describe something as 'sick' yet?

office pest said...

At least 15 years ago I was at either Hampton Court or Chelsea garden show, when a full sized bronze of a young woman, being used as the centerpiece for a garden, was roundly slagged off by a couple of otherwise normally behaved women.

Well, the original model was abused 'by proxy', if you see what I mean. Don't believe they knew her.

It seemed to me, almost insectile in the meanness & narrow minded blindness of the denunciation.

Spitefulness to a statue. It's stayed with me, that one.