14 April 2008

Proposal for deletion?

I'm shocked to discover I have had a Wikipedia page created about me. I can guess from the brief history of the page who has compiled it, and I don't know whether to be grateful or not. All they've done is reproduce my profile on the KCFM website, in any event. There's next to nothing about other aspects of my life on there, possibly because there's next to nothing else to say about it...

My friend James Masterton, who blogs here, recently was decreed 'not notable' by the Wikipedia gruppenfuhrers and subtitles his blog as such. Given his nationally acclaimed status as a pop writer for influential online publications, I find that rather insulting to the man. Given my status as a low demand radio presenter (as this blog was originally subtitled) and failed journalist, I almost demand such status.

I am registered on Wikipedia and have been for years but will be loath to change this page. I wait with trepidation behind the settee for the first bits of graffiti.