7 May 2010

"On a voting level alongside Michael Foot..."

A deeply unsatisfactory election night for all parties and the nation, hindered further by a shitload of celebrities getting pissed on our money. The Daily Mail will enjoy putting that over four pages...

A few observations:-

* My local MP, Graham Stuart, was deservedly re-elected. He seems to fit the category of "good constituency MP irrespective of political allegiance" and there's nothing wrong with that.

* Well done to my old radio colleague Jason McCartney, who once read my news on Spark FM in Halifax when our radio careers were all very amateur, on his success in the Colne Valley.

Jacqui Smith
's thunderous face becomes all the more thunderous when she has to try to do grace in defeat, and that amused me. That was my "Portillo moment". Disgraceful woman.

* I feel a bit for Lembit Opik, who I've always had a soft spot for, predominantly for choosing to be himself throughout his Parliamentary career.

* I could listen to Peter Hennessy talk about political history and protocol day and night.

* And, most of all, Louis had a laugh, entertained us all and reached three figures.

See you for the next one in October?

6 May 2010

"When they mean 'orange juice' they are just referring to the colour and not the ingredients..."

Radio 2 supercynic and my pal Alex Lester is on his third jaunt across the States, and he is blogging about it here. Read about meeting bears in the snow while wearing sandals (Alex, not the bear) among other things. He's back at the end of May.

4 May 2010

Let sleeping dogs lie

Normally it's the cats I turn to when blogging has either got too depressing or too difficult, but today it's the dogs.

The three Bassets revel in the luxury of their alfresco play area to, er, fall asleep in the sunshine.

It's been a difficult old year so far, but a wag from each or any of these hounds somehow makes it better every time. They're gifted dogs. Not to mention boneidle.