10 May 2011

Walk with the dogs tonight, in suburbia

Ten things people say to me as I walk our village streets with three Basset hounds:

1: "I bet you're the one being taken for a walk, aren't you?"

2: "Are they sausage dogs?"

3: "By, you've got your hands full there!"

4: "I bet those ears are a bugger to clean."

5: "Are they beagles?"

6: "We had a Westie once. Died, it did."*

7: "They must be related to each other."

8: "Are they spaniels?"

9: "What happened to the other one?"

10: " ................. "**

* Okay, so only one person says this, but we bump into him a lot on our walks, and he tells us about his deceased Westie every single time.
** By some distance this is the most common. The number of people who walk past us without looking us in the eye, let alone saying anything, is quite unnerving.