20 July 2011

Car 9, where are you?

So, I'm after a new car, the ninth of my driving life. The Renault Scenic, bought cheap as it was the NB's ex-company car and she got first refusal and a mega discount, is crap. For my needs it is, anyway. It'd be fine for a Sunday driver or for someone who has a five-mile journey to work of a morn. I am not either.

The Mondeo, and every Mondeo of the four I've owned, were diesel powered and got me to Stockport and back twice over on one tank; often there'd be room for a sharp trip to the KC Stadium afterwards too. If I maxed the tank until the fuel spat back on to my shoes and was careful with the aircon, I'd get 600+ miles from it. The Scenic does barely half of that, and on unleaded too. The Mondeo cost me a few quid in instalments a month whereas the Scenic is paid for, but I'm giving the equivalent of a monthly instalment in extra fuel to the Scenic.

So, what'll it be? My requirements are a used vehicle, ideally no more than five years old, that runs on diesel. Make, model, colour etc are of little consequence to me, and my only other mild - but not non-negotiable - requirement is an automatic gearbox. Suggestions welcome and, indeed, encouraged. A comfy, reclinable front seat for when I'm kipping between gigs would be handy, too...