31 August 2011

Working on the site from morning 'til night

Had a lot of fun covering the daytime shift on the Pulse of West Yorkshire and already I'm seeing the end of the line, as there is just a week and a half of it left. Such is the life of a stopgap jock. I'm used to it.

Last week, I took a smashing phone call during the request hour from a teenage girl who was excitedly wanting to declare she had just won a place on a bricklaying course at college thanks to good A level results. I played the record she asked for and put her good news on the station's official Facebook page, while privately offering her good luck as "an example to school leavers everywhere". Hark at me. The response she got from the listeners via Facebook was absolutely tremendous, I was so pleased.

It did also prompt a light-hearted debate among my Twitter followers about how she would react if, once qualified and on a building site, her (presumably) predominantly male colleagues indulged in the traditional (but semi-stereotypical) practice of making lewd suggestions towards attractive women as they walked past the site.

Would she object? Would she stand firm for her fellow women? Or, as I'd like to think most women in comfort with the spice of life would do, accept it as a natural response from one gender when an easy-on-the-eye specimen of the contradictory sex comes into view? After all, it's just the infamous "Diet Coke break" in reverse.

I needn't have thought about it too much; indeed, the debate eventually proved fruitless. She went to the station's Facebook page to thank her wellwishers, allowing me to click on her profile. It turns out she's in a civil partnership with another lady. So one assumes that with the right mood and a following wind, she'll see what the boys see on the site (though I wouldn't expect her to actually join in with the wolf-whistles). And while every ounce of feminine principle in a woman would want them to object to wolf-whistles for the sistahood, I suspect underneath it all they'd prefer it to being ignored or chastised. It'd prove the sage of the 1990s Gary Strang right when, in expressing his despair of the opposite sex, stated: "You put on a skirt the size of two tea bags and then complain when blokes look at you."

Anyway, I hope this lass goes far in her course and her career. I expect she will.